Arcade1Up Sizes And Wave Information

Wave1/2 3/4 Scale Machines CPO Size Estimate 19" x 10"
Space Invaders
Street Fighter
Pac Man
Mortal Kombat
Final Fight

Wave3 3/4 Scale CPO Size Estimate: 19 x 11
Marvel Super Heroes

Cabaret style 3/4 Scale CPO Size (is a rectangle) Estimate 17.75" x 9.6"
Pac-Mam 40th
Ms. Pac-Man
Super PacMan

4 Player Cabs
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Golden Axe

Odd Ball / Unknown: Send pics of control deck or measure. Will update as we figure this out :)
Golden Tee
Burger Time
X-Men vs. Street Fighter

Our J Panel is 18.1" x 7.1" Please verify your panel is close to this size! A1U has made this panel all sorts of sizes. You may need to trim some off the edges.

Dec 26, 2020