My Partycade has low volume when I plug the speakers into the 3.5 jack on the pandora.

For whatever reason, when you plug the 3.5mm jack from the speakers into the pandora it will only produce low volume. If using our easy install pcb then do the following.

1. Cut the 3.5mm jack off the end of the cable and you will then have 4 wires (2 per speaker).
2. We are now sending 2 extra red/black jumper wires with all kits. To the best of your ability try to see which wire is a + and which is a -. The speaker will be marked.
3. Cut the gold ends off the jumpers and splice the red wire to the + side of the speaker and the black to the - side.
4. Plug the white 2 pin JST into the easy board at the left and right speaker locations.
5. On the main harness plug the 2 pin JST into the 2 pin plug on the pandora right beside the 6 pin.

If using a jamma harness then simply splice into the #10 wire labeled speaker. Again, hook the + and - as it shows on the spline of the jamma harness.

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