How Do I Exit A Game In Batocera?

Q: I have a keyboard hooked to my Batocera build, how do I exit?
A: You can exit the game by simply pressing Alt+F4.

Q: I have joystick and buttons, how do I exit the game?
A: Push "player 1 start" and "player 1 select" at the same time.

Q: For some reason I cannot exit the game using my USB controller or joystick/buttons, what gives?
A: We are not sure 100% why this happens but if it does just power off to get out of the game. Then once rebooted go to the main menu by hitting "start" then select "controller and bluetooth settings" then under PLAYER ASSIGNMENTS set P1's Controller and P2's Controller to whatever USB controller or encoder you are using for each. That seems to correct the issue.

Mar 1, 2024

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