Delayed Shipping Due To Vacation.


It's vacation time!! We will stop shipping today 9-29-22 at 10am CST. All orders will be filled up to this time. Any control decks ordered will not begin to be worked on until after we get back on 10-5-22.

Time line of events, as always its 1st come first fill when we return. We should have hard parts only orders filled and shipped on 10/6/22 to 10/7/22. For control decks we will be looking at 3-7 business days.

We always prepare for off time. We have already cut and milled a lot of the popular control decks so it will help us quickly gets these out on return.

Live Chat / Email / Messenger will be delayed. It will be checked a few times daily if we have internet connection (we are on a ship). If you have a question please give as much detail as possible so that we can answer the question on the 1st reply.
As always, we appreciate the business!

Jun 3, 2022 4:11 pm