Batocera Light Gun Emulator Support

Light Gun Emulator support

A table showing which emulators and cores support light guns (must be switched manually for systems using a default core not compatible with light guns).

System Emulator Gun support Crosshair ? Multi-guns ? Notes
3do retroarch/opera v35+ Multiplayer unsupported for now
amstradcpc retroarch/cap32 v37+ Supported but not out of the box
arcade mame v35+
retroarch/mame2003 v35+
retroarch/fbneo v35+
atari800 mame
atari2600 retroarch/stella v35+
atari7800 mame
atomiswave retroarch/flycast v35+
flycast v35+ Not out of the box, multiplayer unsupported for now
c64 libretro/vice_x64 v35+
vice/x64 v35+
daphne hypseus v35+
dreamcast retroarch/flycast v35+
redream v35+
flycast v35+ Multiplayer unsupported for now
gx4000 retroarch/cap32 v37+ Supported but not out of the box
master system retroarch/genesisplusgx v35+ ~1)
megadrive retroarch/genesisplusgx v35+
model2 model2emu v35+ Multiplayer unsupported for now
model3 supermodel v35+ v37+
naomi flycast v35+ Multiplayer unsupported for now
retroarch/flycast v35+
namco2x6 Play! v38+ Namco 2×6 emulation is very early (v38+)
nes retroarch/nestopia v35+
retroarch/fceumm v35+
retroarch/mesen v35+
psx duckstation v35+ Multiplayer unsupported for now
retroarch/mednafenpsx v35+ Only works with software renderer
retroarch/PCSXrearmed v35+
retroarch/swanstation v35+ v38+
ps2 PCSX2 v37+ v38+ v37+
ps3 RPCS3 v36+ PS Move emulation is very early
saturn retroarch/beetle-saturn v35+
segacd retroarch/picodrive
retroarch/genesisplusgx v35+
snes retroarch/snes9x_next
retroarch/snes9x v35+ ~2)
retroarch/mesen-s v35+
retroarch/bsnes v35+
steam steam v35+
wii dolphin v36+
windows(wine) wine/lutris Untested
wine/proton v35+
xbox xemu
zxspectrum retroarch/fuse

Games which are light gun compatible will belong to the light gun genre in EmulationStation. Some themes support showing this tag to make it easier to quickly identify which games are light gun games. It is also possible to enable the light gun category as a selectable system.

Feb 16, 2024

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