How To Flash The Firmware On Your Sinden Light Gun

-- Download this software on a windows pc:
-- Extract the file.
-- go to this location:  SindenLightgunSoftwareReleaseV1.08\SindenLightgunWindowsSoftwareV1.08\SindenLightgun
-- Plug 1 Sinden into the USB port on the pc
-- Right click "Lightgun.exe" and run as administrator
-- In the top tabs click "select light gun"
-- Once on that tab in the upper left there is a "detected light gun" box.
-- Your light gun should show here.
-- Click Select Light Gun
-- Then in the middle select "Get Light Gun Info"
-- The current info will now populate the right box.
-- To Flash to the 1.8 version simply click "Update Selected Lightgun Firmware"
-- The software will tell you when its done.
-- Go enjoy your light gun :P

Mar 2, 2024

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